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CMS Content Management System Development Company in Chennai, India

Are you in search of the top Content Management System (CMS) Development Company in Chennai, India? Look no further than Kasa Network, your trusted partner for CMS website development. The significance of a CMS-driven website cannot be understated when it comes to facilitating effortless updates, making it the preferred choice for discerning business owners. With digital marketing being the natural progression after website deployment, a CMS website streamlines the promotional journey. Our team of CMS developers comprehends your digital marketing needs and seamlessly integrates them into your website. As a pioneering CMS web design company in Chennai, we understand the flexibility that CMS websites offer in terms of search engine compatibility.

Why Opt for CMS Web Development for Your Business Website ?

In the realm of web design and development, various services are available to cater to diverse customer requirements. Websites built using HTML5 and CSS3 necessitate developer intervention for updates and maintenance. Conversely, CMS websites employ PHP technology for backend development, granting website owners the autonomy to manage their sites without technical expertise.

These two development approaches coexist, with organizations choosing the one that aligns with their budgets and needs. The allure of CMS web development lies in its short development cycles and user-friendly features, making it an open-source solution that development companies can effortlessly implement with their teams. The benefits of CMS web development include :

Usability : CMS websites ensure that web content and features are easily searchable and usable.

Scalability : They cater to businesses of all sizes.

Effortless Content Updates : Website owners can swiftly and easily update content.

On-the-Go Maintenance : Websites are manageable from any device.

Adaptability : CMS websites seamlessly adapt to various devices.

Advanced Features : The inclusion of plugins and widgets enhances website functionality.

Time and Cost Efficiency : CMS web development saves both time and money.

Commonly Used CMS Platforms

Given the versatility of CMS development, more organizations, aware of its advantages, are choosing this approach. Different types of CMS platforms cater to various needs, each offering unique benefits for managing website content effectively. In the era of content marketing, where content plays a pivotal role in digital marketing, CMS-driven websites provide advanced functionalities without requiring extensive coding efforts and facilitate quick content publication.

WordPress CMS Development Services

WordPress stands out as the preferred choice for content management, offering tools to create interactive and visually appealing business websites. WordPress plugins and features contribute to an impressive online presence. It excels in building and maintaining blog websites, with frequent updates monitored and implemented by our team of developers.

Key WordPress Benefits with Security Features :

Hummingbird : Scans and optimizes web pages to enhance loading speed, crucial for search engine friendliness.

Defender : Protects your website from hackers by identifying vulnerabilities and scheduled scanning.

Akismet: Safeguards blogging websites from spam comments, complemented by other SEO-friendly options like Yoast SEO.

User-Friendly : WordPress is SEO-friendly and allows for web page management based on admin settings.

Popular Choice : WordPress is the preferred platform for blog and personal websites due to its user-friendliness and ease of management.

WooCommerce :

WordPress CMS, with its abundance of plugins and add-ons, makes it possible to develop eCommerce websites. Key tools such as shopping carts, POS systems, inventory management, and tracking tools for affiliate marketing enable the creation of robust eCommerce websites.

Joomla Website Development :

Joomla CMS is the go-to choice for functionality-driven advanced features. It excels in creating navigation menus and breadcrumbs, simplifying the addition of new pages and submenus. Unlike manual dynamic website development, Joomla streamlines both front-end and back-end development simultaneously. Although it doesn't require coding knowledge to manage a Joomla-developed website, building feature-rich websites demands expertise and is not suited for beginners.

Top Security Extensions for Joomla CMS :

Akeeba Backup : This crucial security extension simplifies website restoration from backups generated as single archive files, providing protection in case of hacking incidents.

JHackGuard : Offers protection against SQL injections, XSS attacks, and file inclusion, compatible with Joomla Version 3.0.

JomDefender : A premium security plugin providing comprehensive protection against security threats and vulnerabilities, ideal for larger or database-driven websites.

Admin Tools : Assists in setting up website administrative tools, notifying about updates for plugins and extensions, and acting as a security tool for common hacks.